21 September 2010

What I {Watched Mia Play With} Today

Mia's new favorite toy is a set of flashcards.  
She couldn't care less about what is printed on the cards. 
She loves sorting them.

She carefully selects an individual card and carries it over to its new resting place.

If you watch her in action you see that she if very meticulous about where they go.

Nothing is random.

The storage ottoman has now been taken over by Mia's toys.
It used to store the DVDs. But now they are sequestered here... 

I think this means M & J have become "those people" that let kid stuff take over their house.
I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin...

Another step is handing each card to me, taking it back, and then placing it in its assigned area.

It's a lengthy process.

Once all the cards are sorted she may decide to sort some of her dolls.

First she lines them up on the couch.

Yes, she placed the remote there on purpose.

No, I have no idea why it counts as a doll.

Then she will individually toss them to the ground.

When sorting gets old, she may do some reading on her iPad.

When the technology begins to feel inadequate, she'll kick it old school with a magazine.

Then she sees her highchair and realizes she's suddenly starving.

If only there were audio to go with this.  Just imagine a nagging whine/moan.
So she eats her snack (oatmeal muffin and grapes)

And shows off her straw sippin' skillz (with a z)

And when she does this...

It means it's nap time! Yayyy!
I mean, awww I can't wait till she wakes up again...

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