18 September 2011

What I {Eighteen} Today

Hand painted ceramic beads

Thinking of taking a stab at necklace making. Would YOU wear one?

17 September 2011

What I {Seventeen} Today

Ok so I know I skipped 16.  But to be honest, I really didn't see/do anything photo worthy.  So to make it up to you I have a ton of photos from our trip to the Atlanta Art Festival.  You're welcome.


13 September 2011

What I {Thirteen} Today

I'm so pleased that wacky nails are trendy. Now I can bust out all my old polish and not be afraid to show off my love of glitterrrrrr!


12 September 2011

What I {Twelve} Today

For some reason it took her a while to understand what the purpose of this necklace was.  She figured it out

Yes, I forgot to turn the camera the other way...again.  Sorry.

06 September 2011

04 September 2011

02 September 2011

What I {Two} Today

A nap after noon.

What better way to start a three day weekend that I have to work two days of, amiright?

01 September 2011

What I {Started} Today

It's day one of See You In September

Trying on a new 'do

Post Script- I also did 25 minutes of yoga today.  Ha! We'll see how long it lasts...

Post Post Script- This was my 100th post, yay!

31 August 2011

What I {Am Singing} Today

I have planned a challenge for myself for the month of September.  Each day of the month I'll post at least one picture that I take from the day.   Should be a fun glimpse of my life, or will finally  show me how devastatingly uninteresting I really am...

Well, I'll see you in September!

Post Script- Speaking of singing, do any of you have spotify? Amazing! I ran out of invites but you need to go on and sign up its so addicting.

Also, the school year has begun again so that means I'm with Mia Monster all week now.  In case you're interested here is what she was up to this summer. As always the Mia videos are done by the handsome videographer James Futch of James Futch | Video

2. Turned 2

3. Cried

4. Went to Ikea

5. Had her first day of preschool (video coming soon)

08 July 2011

What I {Picked} Today


Today is Michelle's birthday (yay Michelle!) and we decided to take a trip out to Berry Patch Farms to pick some ripe little blueberries (which also happen to be Mia's fave fruit so it was a win win for everyone).

Had to fuel up with some bfast first

Yes, it is as hot as it looks.  That sheen is a sweat/sunscreen combo.

Aaaaand she's off! Let the picking begin!

This is what a non-ripe blue berry looks like

Mia looks hungry

And this is what ripe looks like

The charming videographer James was there to document our every move of course

Cool retro scale

Though it didn't seem like much, we collected a pound and a half!

Then Mia got to taste the fruits of our labors!

Hahaha c'mon you know I had to go for that one.
So obvious.

It was a time of mixed emotions.

But most of them were happy!  And ridiculously HOT.  We quickly escaped back to the AC and haven't really budged since...

And I know you're asking yourself, "Where's the video???"

Well, here it is my friends.  



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