03 May 2012

What I {Want To Do This May And} Today

In honor of the fifth month I have decided to set five goals...

  1. Blog s'more (summer break should give me more time...maybe.  Notice I didn't say everyday cause for real it's not gonna happen.  Baby steps)
  2. Drink only water (ok honestly I'm gonna have alcohol on the weekend but not a lot I promise. Plus I feel like soda is worse than anything)
  3. Exercise AT LEAST three times per week (haha yeah baby steps)
  4. Start a daily drawing (and post them here. eventually.)
  5. Have an awesome birthday (some goals have to be easy and achievable mmkay?)

Eew what a touchy feely post! I always kind of dread these from the other blogs I read.  But I feel like I won't do unless I put it out there.  To make up for this terribly horrible wordy post I will photobomb you.  Which will also show that I hang only out with a very exclusive (sure we'll go with exclusive) group of people.



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