20 September 2010

What I {Might Fully Accomplish} Today

Oh my, it's Monday already.

For the weekend I had a little list of things to do.

1. Bake Cupcakes {check!}


2. Survive the Yom Kippur fast {check!}


3. Finish making Danielle's wedding gear {check!}

Danielle and I grew up together. 
We were in Girl Scouts together.  
We went to prom together (with dates). 

We go way back.

And this Saturday she is getting married.

Blows my mind.

She's a good Catholic girl getting married to a nice Jewish boy.

So as my wedding gift to her I offered to make headbands for all of her lovely bridesmaids.  

Her colors are navy, white, and a burnt orange.  Turns out the perfect shade of orange is rather hard to find. But after several laps pacing around Joann's we finally settled on some beautiful fabrics.

I think they will all look lovely!

And then she asked me if I could make her some garters.

I've never made one before so I replied, "Of course!"

After several Google searches I decided to dive in and try to make them.

One to toss...

And one to keep!

There's gonna be a lot going on under that dress, but I really like the way they came out.

4. Do some LONG overdue laundry 

Yeah, no check on that one.  Ugh, I guess I'll stop stalling and go throw in a load.

Post Script: More exciting stuff this weekend...Amanda's baby is due!  

She is going to kill me for posting this picture.  But since she's in Germany it will take a while before she can get me.
Man time flies!

So Vivi, will you arrive on time? 
FGM can't wait to meet you!

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