28 October 2009

What I {Did With Mia} Today

Mia thought it would be fun to document our thrilling day.

I asked, "Mia, do you really think anyone cares about what we did today?"

She replied, "Of course FGM! We are oh so terribly interesting."

Who can argue with that?

The day began at 7:00am with some shouting and some eating.  Oh and some peeing.

Then Mia woke up. Hahaha oh how I amuse myself.

Then it was study time.

Mia worked on her vocab...

And I worked on mine...

Man I am funny today!  I make myself laugh more than anyone.

Then after a short (too short) nap there was more screaming, eating, and peeing.

So then we decided to go for a walk.

I have had these long enough that they shouldn't look so clean and new...

How sweet is Mia's ride?  I wouldn't walk either if someone would willingly push me around.

After the walk there was a short (too short) nap, some screaming, and some peeing.

Then Mia asked me if I would pimp out her play mat.
I replied, "Of course! What kind of FGM would I be if i didn't?"

Lookin better already.

The addition of the chain really took the whole look over the top.

Oh what's that? A green line on your diaper? Yes, Mia peed again.

Now that we were all dry we decided to exercise a bit.

An attempt at standing.  Oh my, that onesie is too small.

An attempt at flying.

And then it was torture time! Oh um, I mean tummy time...

Doesn't that look like fun!? Lifting that melon is quite a struggle. Don't worry Mia I feel like that when I work out too...maybe that's why I don't?

Then Mia pooped while she watched me write this post.  How do I know she pooped?  Well, that is in fact a poop face she is making and if you were here, your nose would know she pooped.

What a day.  I think I may join her.

Post Script: You may be asking yourself, "What is this FGM business?" Well, that my friends is my self appointed title.  It stands for Fairy Godmother.  Rather than be her Auntie (I'm too young and fabulous for that) I will be her Fairy Godmother.  Just think how hilarious it will be when she's at school telling her friends that her Fairy Godmother is coming over for dinner...priceless!

24 October 2009

What I {Carved} Today


It's Halloween time and that means pumpkin carving time.

Last weekend was the selection process.

Michelle found hers!

I found mine!

And there's Mia's!

Ok, Pumpkins have been selected.  Now its time to carve.

Begin by cutting the top off the pumpkin.

There we go!

Michelle did a fancy cut on hers cause she's fancy.  I however...

Just hacked the top off as best I could.

Then slap on some rubber gloves (optional) and rip the guts out.

It's a rather tedious process.


Which makes me look rather serious.

Michelle looks rather excited.

Collect all the seeds in a colander to be rinsed and roasted later.

Pick out a design for your pumpkin. Here's mine, I think I'll call it "Fall Foliage Frenzy"

Cut out your design and get your tape ready.

Tape your design to the pumpkin.

Now, with a sharp tool punch holes along the outline of your design.


Once all your holes are punched remove the paper.

It should look a bit like this.

Next, take your pumpkin carving saw and follow the outline you punched.  Ya know, connect the dots.

It should look a little like this.

Then slather some petroleum jelly along the edges to keep them from curling.

Then get your candles ready.  We forgot to get tea lights so we found some old tins and some Channukah candles and um... improvised.

Then set your pumpkin outside for all to see!

Oh snap! It's October.

23 October 2009

What I {Asked Pavan} Today

This is my friend Pavan.

I met Pavan my senior year of college.  For the longest time I thought his name was Puffin.  Pavan is in med school to become a big fancy doctor.  He is in med school in India. Which is crazy.  He is from Alabama. Which is crazy.

Pavan made the long trek to Atlanta tonight. Pavan has A LOT of friends to see and I was one of them.  He could only spare an hour.

Another friend recently asked me the series of questions James Lipton always asks on Inside the Actors Studio.  I thought they would be great questions for The Interview Series.  Yes, there's going to be The Interview Series and yes, you might be interviewed. And yes, I will try to come up with my own questions next time.  I was in a rush and they were already ready without me having to think. I hate thinking. 
Me: Ok Pav, what is your favorite word?
Pavan: Aardvark
Me: What is your least favorite word?
Pavan: Pussy cat
Me: What turns you on?
Pavan: Hmm...What turns me on? I'd probably say um I don't know. I mean, I know there's a lot of qualities...
Me: Just say the first thing that comes to mind.
Pavan: I guess I would have said confidence. But I don't know if that's the first thing...

Me: Ok we're taking it.  What turns you off?

Pavan: Uhh...Someone full of themselves.

Me: Ok, What sound do you love?

Pavan: A girl.

Me: Haha ok, what sound do you hate?

Pavan: A fart.

Me: What is your favorite curse word?

Pavan: Shit.

Me: That's mine too actually! Ok, What profession other than your own would you... 

Pavan: Architect! Or engineer!

Me: Woah ok. What profession would you hate? 

Pavan: Dentist.

Me: If heaven exists, what would you say to god when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Pavan: I'm sorry.

Me: Haha alright. See? That was painless!

And here's baby Pavan...this kills me.

Ok, how cute is this kid!?  Killer.

Thank you Pavan for your reluctant participation.

Stay tuned for the next installment of The Interview Series!

22 October 2009

What I {Decided In Addition To The Other Stuff} Today

What the {blank} is this about? Denim? Really?

I don't get this commercial.

What I {Decided} Today

1. I am not going to let my lips get chapped this winter.  I just won't stand for it.

2. Today is my friend Phil's birthday.  Well, I didn't so much decide that, as it is fact.

3. I am a fan of rockabilly.  Mostly because I enjoy the word rockabilly.  But also, it was revealed to me that I have already been a fan because of Elvis.

4. I am going to carve a pumpkin that is more amazing than any of these.

5. I am going to study harder for the GRE than I have been.

6. I'm going to get me back to where I used to be.  I guess that means no more eating what I bake...sad face

7. I am going to accessorize more.

8. I'm going to learn French.  Like really learn it this time.

9. I want to learn a new craft.

10. This year is the year of my leather jacket.  I bought it a few years ago and it was so damn stiff I wouldn't wear it.  Everyone kept telling me, "the more you wear it the softer it will get!"  I'm sure that's true but frankly it is uncomfortable.  But I am going to put my comfort aside and break it in.

11. I am going to leave this list on an odd number because it will make you uncomfortable and just because I can.

11 October 2009

What I {Ate Several Days Before} Today


My friend Cody burned me pretty bad a few months ago.  He had been doing some crazy job in the middle of no where Colorado and had returned home to Atlanta. He asked me if I wanted to hang out. "Of course!" I said.  The dates when I knew he would be in town had arrived.  I picked up my cell phone and called his number.  No answer.  So I left a voicemail.  No return phone call. Burn.

A few months and a lame apology later Cody invited me to be his guest of honor at the Great Atlanta Chili Cook-Off.  I accepted.


There were lots of um..."colorful" people.

Lots of um... "colorful" displays

Of course pirates were there?

I was approached by this particular pirate shortly after this photo was taken.  We clinked our beers together and he advised me that I was a "lovely wench".  Best compliment I got all day...or ever for that matter...

Oh yeah, and there was chili.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Never wear a white shirt to a chili cook-off.  I was totally asking for this stain.

Cody's um... "lovely" cut-off shorts were the casualty of his outfit. Thank goodness it wasn't his shirt.  Yes, that's a Travis Tritt T-Shirt.  No, you can't have it.  I already asked.

All the chili tastings came in little plastic shot glasses.  Which is a really intense way to eat chili.

And then...

It rained.

Luckily I had this um..."lovely" green poncho.

But when this started happening, we called it quits.

In spite of the rain and the bad (really bad) Beatles cover band, I can see my attendance at this event in the future.

10 October 2009

What I {Learned} Today

If I want to take video with my phone, I must hold my phone horizontally.  Or else I end up with this...

Lesson learned.

What I {Want To Do} Today

1.  Give myself a pedicure.

Wow, I promise this is the last time I will ever make you look at my toes...I wear my flip flops so much I actually have flip flop tan lines.  That's sad.  What's even more sad is how pale my feet are, both with and without the tan.

This is the color I picked.  It's called Frankly Scarlet which makes me chuckle.

2. Actually study rather than pretend to study this book.

Ugh.  I want to look as sassy as her when I study.

The bane of my existence.

3. Tell you all about The Great Atlanta Chili Cook-Off.

4. Teach my baby (and by my baby I mean my sister's baby) how to grab things.

Mia loves fall.

I am so jealous of this tutu.  If my sister's and I had this when we were little, I can guarantee many fights would ensue and tears would be shed over it.

5. Start my new art project.

Final note: Amanda and Phil's wedding is exactly one week from today!


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