25 November 2009

What I {Felted} Today

At some point during my stumbling on the internet I discovered needle felting.

I had seen needle felted items before but hadn't realized that they were in fact needle felted.

So I googled a bit, watched some videos, read some articles, and decided that needle felting was something I think I would be good at.  Perhaps even something I might enjoy.   So I went to the craft store and bought some supplies.

Supplies are expensive.  But the initial investment is usually the worst.  It seems the amount of supply I purchased should last a while so hopefully that will make up for it.

Then I had to decide what to felt.  Oh yeah, you may be like, "What is this felting business she speaks of?" Well, you start out with this fibery stuff called roving.  Then you take a barbed needle and push it up and down through the roving.  The fibers kind of fuse and then you can attach it to something else or you can attach it to more felted roving.  I'm really bad at explaining this, just Google it like I did.

I'll spare you from more of my rambling and just show you what I made.

Please remember

I'm new at this

And I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing

But I think it turned out alright

Right? What do you think?  What should I name her? Answer in the comments!

24 November 2009

What I {Found Out} Today

Remember my bestie Olivia?

Remember when I promised never to use the term bestie again?

Ha! I never promised that.

Well as I mentioned yesterday, her sister was in labor.

It was a girl!

Liv's sister, Rachel (good name), and her faux brother, Christian, were a super groovy couple that decided not to find out what they were having. I hope I can be as cool as them but I think not knowing would drive me crazy.  So we'll see.

Apparently my parents were a pretty groovy couple.  They didn't find out before we arrived.  Well, except for Jeremy.  I guess by the fourth one the mystery isn't so exciting.  And things are usually "well, except for Jeremy..."  Man I love that kid!

So here she is.

Sylvia Rae
7lbs 1oz

Sylvie for short which I love.

Too cute! Those cheeks!

Congrats to my bestie and her lovely (and larger) family!

23 November 2009

What I {Am Lacking} Today

I am seriously lacking motivation.



I suck.

There are many things I should be doing.

Important things.

But I can't make myself do them.

Is it laziness?


Am I dumb?


Is it fair that my bestie (Olivia) can put on anything and make it look cool?

Nope.  Not fair.

Should I be embarrassed that I'm using the term "bestie"?

Of course.  But I'm going to do it again to spite you.

Did my bestie's sister go into labor today?


Can I use that as an excuse to not do my work?

No, that would make no sense.  Especially cause she's not my sister.

I can't even use this as an excuse.

My boss is out of town.  My boss is in Vegas.  My boss is 3 months old. 

That's not fair.

Why can babies unapologetically fart, have their belly hanging out, sport a double chin and still be considered cute?  I can't do any of those things.

That too is not fair.

I have laundry to fold.

I have essays to write.

I have workouts to do
(ha! that's never gonna happen...)

I need new socks.
(all of mine are white and I have decided that I abhor white socks)

I need new underwear.
(TMI, I know.)

I need new pj pants!
(more of a want, but who's counting?)

With my combined efforts of yesterday and today I have almost watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls.

I have a problem.

It's me.

I should never be left alone.

I need people around me to judge me and make me feel guilty.

Guilt gets things done.

I should never be alone.

Ok, I'm done.  Gotta run...I'm on season 4.


16 November 2009

What I {Realized} Today

I took a long walk with Mia today.  I realized I like to be "outdoorsy" more than I think I do.

Which made me realize that I want to hike Kennesaw Mountain before it gets too cold (for me).

I realized that I like what I'm doing (and not doing) and I'm enjoying what I'm learning (and not learning).

I looked at photos of my sister Amanda and my new faux brother Phil.

I realized that they are by far the most photogenic couple I know.

I look forward to spoiling their inevitably photogenic offspring.

I realized that I didn't tell you that her birthday was on Saturday.

So was Cody's...


And Becky's...

This picture is old.  Really old.

I realized that I haven't hung out with Becky in too long.

Don't fret though.  We're going to do a meal together soon.

I realized that all of these birthdays are Valentines Babies.

I wish I were the kind of person that knows what the next big thing is.  I realized that everytime a book is made into a movie there's always someone that's like, "Oh I read that years ago."  How do these people know!?

I realized that I don't know or talk to many of my Facebook Friends.

I realized that I haven't just sat and listened to music in a long time.

I'm doing it now.  It's great.

Things could be worse.

09 November 2009

What I {Changed} Today

9 Diapers.

I watch Mia for about 8 hours a day.  Which means she's clocking in at about 1 diaper an hour!  

Here she is in diaper number 9, sitting proudly in front of today's stack.

Ugh...Literally, as I am writing this, she is crying.  Why is she crying?

Let's make it 10.

08 November 2009

What I {Found} Today

This is what I found.

This is no ordinary pile of blankets my friends.

Yup, there's definitely something in there.

A nose perhaps?


Oh well, back to sleep.

Post Script: The name of this dog is Ava. Although she is more affectionately referred to as "The Little Chu" (pronounced 'choo' in high pitched squeal).  I never really liked chihuahua's until I had one. She likes to bury herself underneath things.  She also likes to bury things underneath things.  She weighs less than 10 pounds.  She likes to boss around a 110 pound German Shepherd. She only tolerates three people in this world. She is nasty and bitter towards everyone else.  But if she loves you she really, really loves you.  She has vehemently hated every boy I have dated.  I think I'll know I've found true love if she doesn't try to rip the throat out of the guy.

And here is my favorite pose...

The cuteness of this dog kills me sometimes.

02 November 2009

What I {Got Back From} Today

This weekend we decided to take a mini vacay and go to wine country.


No, not in Italy...unfortunately

No, not in Australia...unfortunately

No, not in California...unfortunately

Fortunately Dahlonega, GA is about an hour drive away...


And shockingly, is quite beautiful and makes some delicious wine!

Our first stop was the Chili Cook Off.


Yes, more chili...it must seem like I'm obsessed with chili.


  I'm not! ...well maybe a little. Ugh, I need to cut my bangs.

Then we headed to Frogtown Winery


It was b-e-a-uitiful!


Tastings, lunch, and a bottle later we headed back to our stylish accommodations...The Super 8 Motel.


It was um...a place to sleep.

Then Mia begged her parents to take her trick or treating.


We decided to join the locals for some trick or treating on the square.

But first we had to get her dressed...




Why was the zebra selected you ask?

Well, Mia's play mat (featured here) came with some lovely little animal friends that she can play with.  One day her mum was explaining what the animals were and what sound they make.  The lion roars! The elephant trumpets! The bunny...oh well the bunny doesn't really make a sound.  Moving on! The giraffe goes...oh hmm yeah well the giraffe isn't really known for a sound either...Ok last one, the zebra says...Wait, what sound does a zebra make?  Does it neigh like a horse? Who picked these animals? They make no sounds! So now Mia's mostly silent little animal friends have become a running joke.

When the costume was purchased we thought it was a zebra.


It had stripes like a zebra...


It had a tail like a zebra...kinda


Which lead to a great debate...

  Scene: 6:00am, the morning after Halloween in the room at the Super 8 Motel. 

Me: So, I don't think that costume was supposed to be a zebra...

Jason: Who wakes up and says that?

Michelle: Why don't you think it was a zebra?

Me: I just think about these things.  And I was just laying here thinking...it didn't have a mane.  If it were a zebra, wouldn't it have a  mane?

Jason: If it wasn't a zebra then what was it?

Me: A Siberian tiger.

Jason: It was not a tiger! It was white!

Me: Then it was a white Siberian tiger.

Michelle: Yeah like that creepy couple! The guys in Vegas that had the white tigers.  Man, what were their names?

Me: I know who you're talking about, but I can't think of the names.

Michelle: One of them was mauled by the tiger.  Look it up on Google! Google "Vegas act mauled by tiger"


Me: Sigmund and Freud! That's it!

Michelle: Oh yeah I think that's it! Wait no, I don't think that's right...


Me: Oh wait, yeah I just googled it...it was Siegfried and Roy.

End scene.

We should be on TV.

*photos by Jason


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