02 March 2011

What I {Am Into} Today

Good thing: Baby drinking out of a big girl cup

Better thing: Baby yelling at me to get her a paper towel so she could wipe up the milk she spilled.

Having snack outside is loverly. So is my new nail polish.  I bought it last night and couldn't figure out why this wacky color was appealing to me so much...

Then I remembered it's the same color as my least favorite book. I guess it was my subconscious inspiration.  Perhaps my nails will now inspire me to crack the book open? Ha! Only time will tell...

Art wise I'm exploring taking an image and creating repetitive patterns.  Here's a plate I did for work

Eat More Veggies

I think my both my nieces need one

The back

I chopped off my hair.  11 inches to be exact. It took a bit to get used to but I'm in the groove now.  I've gotten so used to it that somehow I forget that I did it.  Then I run into people that haven't seen me since I cut it and they give me crazy stares and then I'm like, why are they staring at me? And then I remember. Duh. I swear I'm a smart girl.


DSC_4845 copy


New Hair do

Already need a bang trim

I really like these bags.  But how does one pick a color??

Also, I've never really worn a backpack but if I did it would be one of these. But again I am stuck with the question, what color??

Post Script: Sorry for the crappy photos.  I'm kind of in the process of purchasing a camera for myself so hopefully no more shitty cell phone shots. 


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