20 January 2010

What I {Tried} Today

I tried to figure out what to do with my flowers.

A Dozen Felted Flowers

I got nothing.

I need more supplies but I'm broke so that will just have to wait.

The baby tried to stay clean, but failed. So I tried to get her changed.  And then this happened...

Doesn't her head look gigantic?

Yes, I tried to use my faux bro's camera again.


No, I still I have no idea what I'm doing.

And yet, these aren't the blurriest ones I took...

 That is the blurriest one I took.

Ok, let's put a shirt on this kid already.

Gee, I wonder who decorated this one?

Mia's new favorite thing is to try to roll over while getting changed.
It can get a little awkward.


Walls get in the way.


But she usually figures it out.

Baby leggings = Best invention ever. 

Oh man baby diaper butt. These are the things I talk about these days...yikes.
I think I'll try to get a life tomorrow.

Then I decided to try to make some cookies.

FlickrDroid Upload

I also tried to look cool in my apron...

FlickrDroid Upload

Not so sure about that one.

But the cookies were a success!

FlickrDroid Upload

Ok, one more of the baby...

This is how she sleeps.
It's ok to die a little.
I don't blame you.
Let's blame her.

08 January 2010

What I {Put On} Today

One of my favorite things about going to a friend's house (especially a new friend) is getting to learn things you never would have known about them.  You can learn a lot about someone through their house.  The first thing is the smell; every house has a smell.  Yes, even your house has a smell. You just don't notice it cause well, it's you.  Everyone had that friend in elementary school who's house no one wanted to go to cause it smelled like Kraft Macaroni n' Cheese, so you know what I'm talking about.

Once you get passed the initial smell you have to go to the best place to educate yourself...

Their bathroom.

Of all the rooms in one's home, the bathroom is by far the most revealing.

"I didn't know John wore contacts!"

or more scandalous...

"Valerie has an open pregnancy test box under her sink!?"

No matter how much you clean your house before a guest arrives, they will always find something you didn't want them to see in your bathroom.

Come now girls, you know when you go to the place of the guy you've been dating you always check out his bathroom.  There's nothing in particular that your looking for.  It's just what you do.

One thing I love about staying at someone's place is the opportunity to use their shower.  I agree that sounds over the top creepy, but I'm not talking about this in the Peeping Tom sense.  I view using someone's shower as an opportunity to explore bath and beauty products you never would have purchased before.  "Oooh there's that new shampoo I saw!"  Because you get to use Val's shampoo you can decide whether or not you want to buy it next time you're in the store.  "Wow, John has that new cologne I've been wanting to try!" Now you get to try it without having to buy it!

So if I have ever used your bathroom I have most certainly rummaged through all your stuff and tried some of your products.  Who wants to invite me over next???

Anyways, you may be asking yourself, "What did all that have to do with what she {Put On} today?"  Well an illness has been floating around this house.  My sister gave it to me.  There was sneezing, coughing, runny nose, runny eyes, and just an overall ughghuhgh feeling.  I am as you may know a live in nanny with no car (Woah boys! Single file please, you'll all get a chance to get with this!).  So the combo of illness and having no where to go and no one impress left me with no desire to bathe or get dressed.  But today I felt better; however, it appears Mia is a little under the weather. So her momma made her an appointment.  And I think you know what that means... I get to leave the house!  So needless to say I was very eager to shower, put on real clothes and yes, I'm going that extra mile and putting on make-up!

So today my friends I am going to guide you through the products that I put on on a daily basis.   That way if you ever get to use my bathroom, you can go straight for the good stuff.  If you never get the opportunity to use my bathroom, then you'll at least get to pretend that you have. Plus I love seeing what other people use, it makes me want to go out there and buy them too.  I don't know why I just do.  Let's stimulate this economy people!

The first product I will tell you about is a recent discovery of mine.

FlickrDroid Upload

This stuff smells amazing! I die for this smell.  It's kind of a girly scent but if a guy wore this I would follow him a round like a dog that thinks there's bacon in your pocket.  It's that good.

For my legs, I have found that this is the only thing that will keep them from looking like an aligator thats been rolling sand.

FlickrDroid Upload

It's weird to apply at first, but once you get used to it its fantastic.  It's also a little pricey in my opinion but a little goes a long way so it lasts forever.

I have tried a billion face lotions and creams and have finally found a winner.

FlickrDroid Upload

It's probably something your grandma uses but she uses it for a reason, it is the best face cream invented ever.  Not too greasy but you know it's there.  I put extra on my eyes cause it makes my eye shadow stay on better. The only downside to it is that it doesn't have spf. As a freckle and burn prone gal I always have to put on some sun protection. So Ponds, please put spf in your dry skin cream!  It will make Rachel a very happy girl.

Occasionally I get to leave the house to go out with friends and maybe even (gasp) a date!  On such occasions I might be feeling a little saucy and splash on a bit of the only perfume I have ever found that doesn't make me sneeze like crazy.

FlickrDroid Upload

It's called "Shi" by Alfred Sung.  I can't describe it to you but I really dig it.  I never understand perfume descriptions anyways, much like wine descriptions.  You could tell me it smells/tastes like freesia and fish and I wouldn't understand you but I'd probably agree with you.  

I never know what color eyeshadow I should put on. I have a habit of buying lots of different eyeshadows and never putting them on.  One day while spending too much money in Target I stumbled upon this. My first thought...Ooooh shiny!

FlickrDroid Upload

Then I opened it up and thought...Ooooh so many colors!

FlickrDroid Upload

I've messed around with a few but not all.  The pink was a surprisingly good find but I'm still a little scared of the sea foam green.

I can only use liquid eye liner.  I've tried all different types of pencils but none work for me.  This is the easiest for me to use and it lasts a good amount of time.

FlickrDroid Upload

This is my favorite blush.  It's this weird moussey, fluffy texture and goes on a little scary at first but wears down to a perfect "flushed" look.

FlickrDroid Upload

Haha listen to me talking about makeup like I know what the hell I'm doing....

Moving on!

I love mascara.  I am a fan of layering different types. Which has brought me to this collection...I think I have a problem.

FlickrDroid Upload

I also love buying lip gloss. I have all these lip glosses in various shades of basically the same color.

FlickrDroid Upload

and yet I never wear any of them.

This is what I wear all day every day.

FlickrDroid Upload

It has no smell, it has no color, but it keeps my lips from getting chapped. Best part is that it comes in a two pack which is great for me cause I inevitably loose the first one within a week.

Basically all of these things are available at a drugstore near you.  As you can see I don't invest too much money in fancy expensive make-up.  I just can't justify $26.00 for mascara.  But then again I've never tried $26.00 mascara....when I do I'll let you know if it's worth it.

Post Script: I wrote this post yesterday but didn't take the pictures until today.  So to update, the baby is not sick, she just has a runny nose.  Today is a "snow day" which in Georgia should really be called an "ice day".  But of course the people panic and there is no bread or milk in the grocery store.  We don't do weather down here, we just don't.  It's super sunny but only 18 degrees outside so I am of course trapped inside, not bathed, and not wearing pants. 

01 January 2010

What I {Recovered From} Today

Happy New Year Friends!

The party started off slow

Mia was getting tired of just hangin out.

So to get the party started we brought out the booze.

And the food.

These delightful little things are crab puffs.

And there was "Crack Dip"
The photo may not do this stuff justice.  This stuff is ridiculous.

I enjoyed it... a lot.

Jason liked it too

Then things started to get a little out of control...


This baby is out of control.

Why so nervous Mia?

This happened a few times... until it was empty... and we opened another one...

Then I took the camera.  No one was safe.

Here's Michelle in the first moments of the new decade.

Jason looks excited.

Michelle and Jan (pronounced yawn) shared this special moment together

But then

They tried to get fancy

It was a struggle.

The tequilla hit me pretty hard by the time it was Gary's turn...sorry Gary

So 2009 is over.

Are you ready for 2010?

Are you going to say 'Two Thousand and Ten'?

Or are you bold enough to say 'Twenty Ten'?

I'm bold.

Let's hope this year will be a good one!

I think the last one was pretty good.  After all, the world got this...

Happy New Year!


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