01 September 2010

What I {Lurve} Today

1.     My brand spanking new MacBook Pro
Does the blog seem mac-ier? It is.

They were running a promo for college students (oh yeah, I'm a college student again) for a FREE iPod Touche.  I went ahead and got it but haven't opened it.  I'm afraid the device might be a bit redundant considering the fact that I have my G1 with Android.  But it's so new and shiny and calling my name. 

open me! pleeease Rachel? you know you want to!
Do any of YOU have an iPod Touche?  Thoughts?

2.     The idea of getting a tattoo...someday...

I want this

or perhaps this

Or this

And maybe even this

Kon Tiki Enchanted JF
This translates to, "I am unknown here, tell everyone!"

I was supposed to get one for my 21st birthday.  Still haven't cashed in on that one. 

Speaking of 21...

3.     Watching my baby bro Jeremy got completely wasted on his 21st birthday.

Captain and Coke was his drink of choice for the evening.

 It kinda went waaay down hill from here.  I'll spare you the images. I have the sounds in my head to last a lifetime.

4.     Discovering a new blog

5.     My new JOB

Yeah I got one. Jealous?

6.    Getting back to a routine with the bubs

Almond Butter...yumm

7.     Making art with Mia
FlickrDroid Upload
FlickrDroid Upload
Sticker Art
What do you lurve today?


  1. Yes, I'm jealous of you having a job. Very jealous. But, happy for you. :)


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