30 September 2010

What I {Didn't Get To Witness} Today

Amanda and Phil had their baby!!!

Vivian {don't know the middle name} Laum was born 30 September 2010.

Which is good cause we have way too much stuff going on in October.

Momma survived the 17 hours of labor which is completely crazy!

No stats or pics yet but you can bet your butt I'll be posting a million as soon as I can.

As you may recall I got a front and center view of Mia's birth.  I've also gotten to spend pretty much every day with her since then.  So its a little sad I couldn't be there for Vivi's arrival. BUT I can't wait until December when the hwitty's will make our way to see her for the first time!

So, Happy Birthday Vivi! I'm terribly excited for our first video chat.
xo xo FGM

Now I just need to figure out how to make one of these...

Cause authentic ones are CRAZY expensive.

Also, one of my sisters needs to birth a boy so I can dress them him in these...



The cuteness is off the charts.
I love being an FGM.

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