28 April 2010

What I {Will Catch You Up} On Today

It's been a while.

I'm sorry.

Here goes...

So as I have been whining about for several weeks rachel did. was at its first craft show!
A while back I mentioned some thrift store shopping I had done and some of the great things I found.

You may remember these?


Well I had to make them a little more rachel did.

So here's what I did...


Pulled out the thingies


Shook up the paint


And started painting


And then it was time for the show.  


There was a contest for best display.


I didn't win.


But if you ask me


I was robbed!


But I may be a little biased...


I even made little tags.  Don't they look profesh???


This picture literally stopped people in their tracks.  I actually think Mia was the most successful person at the craft show.  Her head probably grew two sizes with all the compliments she got.


Michelle came up with the idea for the pom pom flowers


They're my favesies.

And really easy to make!


We found these things called Thickers for the lettering



So overall I'd say the show was a success.  I learned a few things, met some cool people, and got some really positive feedback.   I won't do another until the fall cause baby hats will most likely sell better then.  And frankly, I'm a little tired of making stuff! 

I think I have crochet elbow.

I will have a bunch of new stuff in the shop very soon so be on the lookout!

Post Script- I forgot to mention the obscene amounts of rain we had on Saturday.  So that kinda stunk.  
Oh and James of course brought his video camera...

Oh and in cuteness news Mia figured out how to clap! Enjoy.

Yeah yeah yeah... I forgot to turn the camera...it was a moment! No time for thinking!  And I have no idea how this outfit happened.  It just did.
 onesie by Aunt Manda
headband by blueeyedfreckle
"belt" by Me

22 April 2010

What I {Thought You Might Want To See} Today

I promise I talk about other things besides Mia.

It's just that we spend a lot of time together.

Probably too much...

Mia has been starring in a series of videos.  

"A day in the life of" kind of thing.

I suppose you get to see what my day is like as well!

In the most recent one you get to see me work on the poles I found for the craft show display.

Speaking of craft show display... The craft show is THIS WEEKEND!

I'm a little overwhelmed by how much stuff I had to make.  

I feel like a robot.
And as Mia's book tells me, "R is for robot who walks, talks, and beeps"

Well beep, beep, beep.

Hopefully it all goes well. 

Hopefully you will be there!

So anyways back to the videos...


Post Script: I should mention of course that James Futch is the creator of these videos.  He is now offering "A day in the life of" videos as a service.  So if you have a baby or know a baby he could make a video for you too!

18 April 2010

What I {Should Mention} Today

Well my sister Amanda made it safely back to Germany.

She even made it through customs with 100 lbs worth of baby gear.

She and Philipp went to the doctor...

It's a GIRL!!!

Frankly I'm relieved.

I don't know how to make a lot of stuff for boys.

And I have a lot more pink materials to work with.

So yay girls!

She already started requesting stuff for me to make for little Baby Laum.

The first thing on her list was a pair of crocheted booties.

I should mention that I have attempted to make booties before.

I needle felted these.  I've never tried to make them again.  I should.

It all started with a pair of shoes Mia was given. They were cute but were missing a lil somethin somethin

So I added a lotta somethin somethin...

Ahhh that's better.

So I was lookin at them and thought to myself, "I bet I could figure out how to make those."

I do that a lot now.  Now that I've embraced my crafty side I have a desire to deconstruct everything I see and figure out how I can make it myself.  I also have a strong urge to embellish everything I own now.  I'm working on my self control.
Anyways, I attempted to make some myself.  The results were...interesting...


Someone told me they look like dinner rolls.


Not exactly the look I was going for.



So then I tried to make one for the other foot...


Yeah it looks ok right?





I can't even make dinner rolls that are the same size!

So those are a work in progress. 

It has recently come to my attention that I should mention



It's not that I don't love this baby.


Cause I do.

And I suppose if I were forced to claim a baby as my own I would most likely choose this baby.

But the fact remains that this is my niece.

Cute, but not my baby.

11 April 2010

What I {Ask} Today

To button?

FlickrDroid Upload

Or not to button?

FlickrDroid Upload

That is the question!

I'm feeling needy.

Comment below please.

10 April 2010

What I {Don't Have To Keep A Secret} Today

When was the last time you had to keep a secret?

Not like a serious secret.

But a fun one!

I have been keeping one for about 4 months.

But now I can tell you...

Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!
Amanda is pregnant!

Phew it feels good to finally be able to say that.
My sister, Amanda, and my faux bro, Philipp, are expecting a babeh this September!

This has been TOP SECRET NEWS for what felt like forever.

Amanda felt that this was news she should tell in person and not just over the phone.

Did I mention she lives in Germany?

So she decided she wanted to surprise my rents with both a visit and the announcement that she was pregnant.

Michelle and I decided to in turn surprise Amanda with a TOP SECRET baby shower!

So we had double the secrets to keep!

But the surprise(s) could not have gone better!

She arrived on Friday with two giant and practically empty suitcases.

There was of course a gift for Miss Mia.

I think she liked her gifts.

She grabbed her new cell to call all her friends to tell them about...

Her new skinny jeggings (jeans + leggings = jeggings)

The next day we girls went and got some mani/pedi treatments.

Yes, we all picked the same thing. But I can still tell who's who!

Then it was time for the big reveal.

We had told the rents to come over for a BBQ that day.

They had no idea who was going to answer the door...

These faces are priceless!  

Everyone came inside and calmed down a bit.

And then Amanda revealed her pregnancy news!

This is my dad telling Michelle he thought she was the pregnant one.

And everyone was happy.

We all went outside to relax a bit.

The belly bump was shown off

Mia and Zadie shared some secrets

And so did Aunt Manda.

Later we all went out for Mexican food and margaritas.  My parents NEVER drink.  But that night my dad had at least 4 refills and my mom had 2. I think they were still processing the news.

A good drunk time was had by all...except Amanda.

Amanda asked what we were going to do the next day.  That's when we revealed that she was going to be attending her baby shower!

I forgot to bring the camera to dinner but that face was pretty priceless as well.

So the next day...

We had a party!

  As silly Jews we forgot the the entire world shuts down for Easter.  This is the food we were able to scrounge up last minute.  Not a bad spread though.

We made the Pioneer Woman's sangria.  You can find the recipe in her cookbook.  If you don't have a copy, get one.

It's basically just wine, more wine, sugar water, vodka, and rum. And some fruit is thrown in there for good measure.

It was sooooooooooo good.

A little too good.

You couldn't even tell there was so much alcohol.

Until you taste the fruit chunks.

So that's where the alcohol was hiding!

Don't call children services just yet...we had Sprite for the preggers.

Since is was Passover (blagh) I baked this dark chocolate flourless cake.

It was quite delish! A recipe to be made anytime of year.

This was my attempt at decorations. I agree, kinda pathetic.

Of course there were gifts.

Which had to be gender neutral.

(She of course finds out the sex of the baby the week she gets back to Germany)

So it's Baby Laum for now.

And of course there were awkward, embarrassing baby shower games!

Hahahahah I die everytime I see this.
 In case you couldn't tell, that is in fact a golden uterus with a green spotted egg.

Everyone got their own personalized sperm!

I got to say the sentence, "Hey Mom, do you have your sperm? I want to take a picture of you holding it."

Hahahahah I will be able to laugh for days on that one!

There was a blindfold.

And some rather inaccurate sperm placement.

Michelle's sperm could not have been further away from the egg.  I guess Mia won't be getting a sibling for a while...

Our "activity" was decorating bibs for Baby Laum.

So the rest of Amanda's trip has been spent spending obscene amounts of money on all things baby. Everything is so much cheaper here in the states so she has done 9 months worth of baby purchasing in 9 days.

I can't wait to see her try to fit it in her suitcase...

Later this week we will know the sex of the babeh and hopefully the name. And then I can finally start making things!

Yay babies!

Post Script - I have to show you a little bit of Mia in her Easter gear.


Ugh this baby.

I can't wait to see what Amanda's offspring will look like!

Oh I should also mention that the entire Hwitty fam is going to invade Munich this September to witness the birth of Baby Laum.  As an added bonus it will be during Oktoberfest! Fabulous timing guys!


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