28 December 2009

What I {Rediscovered} Today

Elton John

I really love Elton John.

I forgot that.

But today, I remembered.

This song reminds me of my friend Herbert.

I know Christmas is over but...

Another fav

And this

The only thing this song will ever remind me of is the summer after my sophmore year working at the luggage store. My friend James would begrudgingly be sent to the back room to work. I would hide back there with him as much as possible as he was the only other person I could talk to at work. Tiny Dancer was our song. He had it on CD and we would sit in the back with the song on repeat.

I don't know what made me tune into some Elton today, but I'm sure glad I did.

What's your favorite Elton John song?

25 December 2009

What I {Got From Santa} Today


Santa doesn't really visit us...

We're Jews.

We're Jewish.

We're Jew-ish.

We're mostly culturally Jewish.

Which my faux brother will contend does not exist, no matter how many times we argue about it.

In summation, we don't celebrate Christmas.

Which is terribly unfortunate because I love Christmas! I adore Christmas! I think its cause I never got to have it.

Although, the Hwitty house was never devoid of Santa. We actually hung stocking for several years (hear the jews gasp!) I know, but it was never anything religious. I think my parents just didn't want us to be "those kids" that came to school and claimed Santa wasn't real.  It also probably helped us to not feel left out and such.  Plus, the stockings didn't have a little baby Jesus on them.  We had ones with Cabbage Patch Kids, Carebears, and Miss Piggy to fight over.

So when I say I love Xmas, what I really mean is that I love the Coca-Cola version of Xmas.

I'm currently on vacay in Juno Beach, FL with my rents. It's weird being by the beach at Christmas.

The weather has been so-so. The first day we were able to actually get on the beach was like this...

Wild aren't we? And the music on the radio couldn't be better.

I look like the uni-bomber.

The next day the sun actually came out!
And my skin freaked out. Which resulted in this...

FlickrDroid Upload

That white streak is what my freakishly pale skin looked like before.  It's hard to see but the freckles where my sunglasses were are actually lighter than the ones around it.

I don't tan. I burn.

or freckle.

I got burned on my knees and new freckles on my neck.

You wouldn't think I would be able to tell anymore. But I can tell my friends, I can tell.

Yesterday the beach was too windy for the old folks so we went shopping at the fabulous Festival Flea market!

We each picked out something at the charming "$1 and Up" stand and decided to pretend that our purchases were brought to us by Santa.

We opened them this Christmas morning.

 Mom got a  fish bookmark.

FlickrDroid Upload

Dad got a keychain bottle opener.

FlickrDroid Upload

and here is my glorious gift...

FlickrDroid Upload

It's a hamburger plant.
It's sunlight activated.
It's my true love.

FlickrDroid Upload

Classy I know.

FlickrDroid Upload

The packaging reads, "Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light.  Please grow your Flip Flap in your mind and bloom your own special flower." 
Oh believe me, I will.
This particular Flip Flap is classified as "Milk White".

Makes sense.

Here is my lovely hamburger Flip Flap in action!

Yes, I forgot to hold the camera horizontally...again.

FlickrDroid Upload

So eco-friendly and waterless! Perhaps this is a plant I wont kill.

omg I haven't blogged in forever!

I'm feelin a little rusty but I'll get back into it.  When I get back home I'll catch you up on more {blanks} and maybe I'll finally tell Mags what I stood in line for.

She's actually been dying to know which is fun and makes me want to hold out longer :)

Speaking of omg, I absolutely love it when Alec Baldwin says omg. It does something to me...like harmonica.

So to all my Christmas celebrating friends out there...

Happy Christmas! Jesus loves you!


07 December 2009

What I {Stood In Line For Four Hours For} Today

I stood in line for four hours.

Because of that I am too tired to tell you about it now.

So you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."
"After all ... tomorrow is another day." 
 Scarlett out!

02 December 2009

What I {Want} Today

OMG I want everything on this site.  Literally. Everything.  Fill my closet now please.

I also want to show you all of the things I've been felting lately but I'm feeling a bit lazy and haven't taken pictures yet.  So I'll just show you what I do have photos of.

I made Mia some shoes.

More like a slipper really.

She kicks them off as quickly as possible.  But she does that with all shoes so I'm not offended.

Stay tuned for more!


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