24 July 2010

What I {Announce} Today

The hiatus is over!
Don't ask me where I was.
I'm here now.
Let's just enjoy the moment.

So let me catch you up...

The school year ended so I lost my "job" for the summer, but I still had to hang out with my boss everyday. Then it got really hot. 

So we went to the pool.

Not even her most ridiculously cute pool outfit.
I also got a year older.

DQ Ice Cream Cakes are THE best ice cream cake available.  Chocolate, fudgey, crunchy things? Yes please.

Side note: Michelle and I went to DQ to get a treat.  On the way over I came up with a brilliant idea, DQ should sell individual slices of their cakes!  When we arrived we soon discovered that some genious at DQ headquarters had already come up with this idea.  Unfortunately, the pieces were rather sad looking so I opted for a Reese's Blizzard instead.

Oh my rents...That's where we get the witty.

Everyone had me all pumped for my bday gift cause all the hwitty's chipped in to get it.  So I knew it had to be big.

This pic is scary, but it's all I got
It was...

A sewing machine!

I was a little scared of it.  It took me about a week before I got it out of the box.  And then about a month before I was brave enough to try using it.


There are so many great and FREE tutorials out in the world wide web.  It really makes you look at the clothes you buy and think about how it was made.  I have a much greater appreciation for the things in my closet.
Michelle and Jason are ridiculously nice and assisted me with...
Hello Bad Boy

No really, the name of the bike is Bad Boy.  It's soooo fast and fun!  I was on a comfort bike before so this is a bit of an upgrade.  And by bit I mean HUGE.

I have no pics of me on the bike cause frankly, no one needs to see that.

So that was basically the highlights of May and June.  I'll post some pics of the things I've made and catch you up on July tomorrow. 

Sigh, it's good to be back. 

I've missed you.


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