27 September 2010

What I {Get For Not Paying Attention} Today

Apparently I'm and student now and I have to write a research paper proposal.

I was doing some research while Mia was quietly playing with her toys.

Then I noticed it got a little too quiet...

Well on the plus side it gives me an excuse to finally clean my purse out.

I've been on a little video kick (as I'm sure you've noticed).

Today I share with you some exciting news! Newsies (my ABSOLUTE favorite movie of all time) is rumored to becoming a Broadway musical!!!

You can bet your butt the hwitty sisters will be lined up for the premiere!

So on this rainy Monday afternoon I ask that you sit back, relax, and enjoy some Christian Bale singing and dancing action...

And now you have to watch what these clever people put together...

Alright I'll stop with the videos, you can look for more yourself. Too many to choose from!

Ok I lied one more thing...




This research is going great can't you tell?

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