02 November 2009

What I {Got Back From} Today

This weekend we decided to take a mini vacay and go to wine country.


No, not in Italy...unfortunately

No, not in Australia...unfortunately

No, not in California...unfortunately

Fortunately Dahlonega, GA is about an hour drive away...


And shockingly, is quite beautiful and makes some delicious wine!

Our first stop was the Chili Cook Off.


Yes, more chili...it must seem like I'm obsessed with chili.


  I'm not! ...well maybe a little. Ugh, I need to cut my bangs.

Then we headed to Frogtown Winery


It was b-e-a-uitiful!


Tastings, lunch, and a bottle later we headed back to our stylish accommodations...The Super 8 Motel.


It was um...a place to sleep.

Then Mia begged her parents to take her trick or treating.


We decided to join the locals for some trick or treating on the square.

But first we had to get her dressed...




Why was the zebra selected you ask?

Well, Mia's play mat (featured here) came with some lovely little animal friends that she can play with.  One day her mum was explaining what the animals were and what sound they make.  The lion roars! The elephant trumpets! The bunny...oh well the bunny doesn't really make a sound.  Moving on! The giraffe goes...oh hmm yeah well the giraffe isn't really known for a sound either...Ok last one, the zebra says...Wait, what sound does a zebra make?  Does it neigh like a horse? Who picked these animals? They make no sounds! So now Mia's mostly silent little animal friends have become a running joke.

When the costume was purchased we thought it was a zebra.


It had stripes like a zebra...


It had a tail like a zebra...kinda


Which lead to a great debate...

  Scene: 6:00am, the morning after Halloween in the room at the Super 8 Motel. 

Me: So, I don't think that costume was supposed to be a zebra...

Jason: Who wakes up and says that?

Michelle: Why don't you think it was a zebra?

Me: I just think about these things.  And I was just laying here thinking...it didn't have a mane.  If it were a zebra, wouldn't it have a  mane?

Jason: If it wasn't a zebra then what was it?

Me: A Siberian tiger.

Jason: It was not a tiger! It was white!

Me: Then it was a white Siberian tiger.

Michelle: Yeah like that creepy couple! The guys in Vegas that had the white tigers.  Man, what were their names?

Me: I know who you're talking about, but I can't think of the names.

Michelle: One of them was mauled by the tiger.  Look it up on Google! Google "Vegas act mauled by tiger"


Me: Sigmund and Freud! That's it!

Michelle: Oh yeah I think that's it! Wait no, I don't think that's right...


Me: Oh wait, yeah I just googled it...it was Siegfried and Roy.

End scene.

We should be on TV.

*photos by Jason

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  1. that is one cute tiger. which is what i thought until you said zebra and then i was still skeptical. glad i stuck to my gut.


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