28 October 2009

What I {Did With Mia} Today

Mia thought it would be fun to document our thrilling day.

I asked, "Mia, do you really think anyone cares about what we did today?"

She replied, "Of course FGM! We are oh so terribly interesting."

Who can argue with that?

The day began at 7:00am with some shouting and some eating.  Oh and some peeing.

Then Mia woke up. Hahaha oh how I amuse myself.

Then it was study time.

Mia worked on her vocab...

And I worked on mine...

Man I am funny today!  I make myself laugh more than anyone.

Then after a short (too short) nap there was more screaming, eating, and peeing.

So then we decided to go for a walk.

I have had these long enough that they shouldn't look so clean and new...

How sweet is Mia's ride?  I wouldn't walk either if someone would willingly push me around.

After the walk there was a short (too short) nap, some screaming, and some peeing.

Then Mia asked me if I would pimp out her play mat.
I replied, "Of course! What kind of FGM would I be if i didn't?"

Lookin better already.

The addition of the chain really took the whole look over the top.

Oh what's that? A green line on your diaper? Yes, Mia peed again.

Now that we were all dry we decided to exercise a bit.

An attempt at standing.  Oh my, that onesie is too small.

An attempt at flying.

And then it was torture time! Oh um, I mean tummy time...

Doesn't that look like fun!? Lifting that melon is quite a struggle. Don't worry Mia I feel like that when I work out too...maybe that's why I don't?

Then Mia pooped while she watched me write this post.  How do I know she pooped?  Well, that is in fact a poop face she is making and if you were here, your nose would know she pooped.

What a day.  I think I may join her.

Post Script: You may be asking yourself, "What is this FGM business?" Well, that my friends is my self appointed title.  It stands for Fairy Godmother.  Rather than be her Auntie (I'm too young and fabulous for that) I will be her Fairy Godmother.  Just think how hilarious it will be when she's at school telling her friends that her Fairy Godmother is coming over for dinner...priceless!

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  1. you know, i thought about the FGM thing, and came to that conclusion before i got to the post script... not because i'm brilliant but mostly because i knew its exactly something you would insist on being called.


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