08 November 2009

What I {Found} Today

This is what I found.

This is no ordinary pile of blankets my friends.

Yup, there's definitely something in there.

A nose perhaps?


Oh well, back to sleep.

Post Script: The name of this dog is Ava. Although she is more affectionately referred to as "The Little Chu" (pronounced 'choo' in high pitched squeal).  I never really liked chihuahua's until I had one. She likes to bury herself underneath things.  She also likes to bury things underneath things.  She weighs less than 10 pounds.  She likes to boss around a 110 pound German Shepherd. She only tolerates three people in this world. She is nasty and bitter towards everyone else.  But if she loves you she really, really loves you.  She has vehemently hated every boy I have dated.  I think I'll know I've found true love if she doesn't try to rip the throat out of the guy.

And here is my favorite pose...

The cuteness of this dog kills me sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. i was JUST wondering what happened to princess ava.


What you {blank}


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