16 November 2009

What I {Realized} Today

I took a long walk with Mia today.  I realized I like to be "outdoorsy" more than I think I do.

Which made me realize that I want to hike Kennesaw Mountain before it gets too cold (for me).

I realized that I like what I'm doing (and not doing) and I'm enjoying what I'm learning (and not learning).

I looked at photos of my sister Amanda and my new faux brother Phil.

I realized that they are by far the most photogenic couple I know.

I look forward to spoiling their inevitably photogenic offspring.

I realized that I didn't tell you that her birthday was on Saturday.

So was Cody's...


And Becky's...

This picture is old.  Really old.

I realized that I haven't hung out with Becky in too long.

Don't fret though.  We're going to do a meal together soon.

I realized that all of these birthdays are Valentines Babies.

I wish I were the kind of person that knows what the next big thing is.  I realized that everytime a book is made into a movie there's always someone that's like, "Oh I read that years ago."  How do these people know!?

I realized that I don't know or talk to many of my Facebook Friends.

I realized that I haven't just sat and listened to music in a long time.

I'm doing it now.  It's great.

Things could be worse.

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