24 November 2009

What I {Found Out} Today

Remember my bestie Olivia?

Remember when I promised never to use the term bestie again?

Ha! I never promised that.

Well as I mentioned yesterday, her sister was in labor.

It was a girl!

Liv's sister, Rachel (good name), and her faux brother, Christian, were a super groovy couple that decided not to find out what they were having. I hope I can be as cool as them but I think not knowing would drive me crazy.  So we'll see.

Apparently my parents were a pretty groovy couple.  They didn't find out before we arrived.  Well, except for Jeremy.  I guess by the fourth one the mystery isn't so exciting.  And things are usually "well, except for Jeremy..."  Man I love that kid!

So here she is.

Sylvia Rae
7lbs 1oz

Sylvie for short which I love.

Too cute! Those cheeks!

Congrats to my bestie and her lovely (and larger) family!

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