25 November 2009

What I {Felted} Today

At some point during my stumbling on the internet I discovered needle felting.

I had seen needle felted items before but hadn't realized that they were in fact needle felted.

So I googled a bit, watched some videos, read some articles, and decided that needle felting was something I think I would be good at.  Perhaps even something I might enjoy.   So I went to the craft store and bought some supplies.

Supplies are expensive.  But the initial investment is usually the worst.  It seems the amount of supply I purchased should last a while so hopefully that will make up for it.

Then I had to decide what to felt.  Oh yeah, you may be like, "What is this felting business she speaks of?" Well, you start out with this fibery stuff called roving.  Then you take a barbed needle and push it up and down through the roving.  The fibers kind of fuse and then you can attach it to something else or you can attach it to more felted roving.  I'm really bad at explaining this, just Google it like I did.

I'll spare you from more of my rambling and just show you what I made.

Please remember

I'm new at this

And I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing

But I think it turned out alright

Right? What do you think?  What should I name her? Answer in the comments!


  1. i love it and i want one.

    my cat is named elephant in korean so i think you should name your elephant cat (in korean).

    that's ko-ahn-gie.

    even though it looks dumb in english.

  2. I f'ing love your needle felted elephant. I think she deserves a ridiculously alliterative name, like Edwina the Elephant or Elaine the Elaphant or Elspeth the Elephant. At any rate, please invite me to the christening!


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