23 November 2009

What I {Am Lacking} Today

I am seriously lacking motivation.



I suck.

There are many things I should be doing.

Important things.

But I can't make myself do them.

Is it laziness?


Am I dumb?


Is it fair that my bestie (Olivia) can put on anything and make it look cool?

Nope.  Not fair.

Should I be embarrassed that I'm using the term "bestie"?

Of course.  But I'm going to do it again to spite you.

Did my bestie's sister go into labor today?


Can I use that as an excuse to not do my work?

No, that would make no sense.  Especially cause she's not my sister.

I can't even use this as an excuse.

My boss is out of town.  My boss is in Vegas.  My boss is 3 months old. 

That's not fair.

Why can babies unapologetically fart, have their belly hanging out, sport a double chin and still be considered cute?  I can't do any of those things.

That too is not fair.

I have laundry to fold.

I have essays to write.

I have workouts to do
(ha! that's never gonna happen...)

I need new socks.
(all of mine are white and I have decided that I abhor white socks)

I need new underwear.
(TMI, I know.)

I need new pj pants!
(more of a want, but who's counting?)

With my combined efforts of yesterday and today I have almost watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls.

I have a problem.

It's me.

I should never be left alone.

I need people around me to judge me and make me feel guilty.

Guilt gets things done.

I should never be alone.

Ok, I'm done.  Gotta run...I'm on season 4.



  1. Stop smoking all that grass. Oscar Wilde knew too well the inspiration provided yet the inability to profit by it. Do we need to schedule an intervention?

  2. You need a new thrill. Here's your assignment: each time you find yourself in a store with socks, you must shoplift at least one pair or pack of them.


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