06 August 2009

What I {Witnessed} Today


Today, my first niece Mia Arden Geppert was born.

Here's mom working through the pressure. Epidural was in by this point so she was feelin pretty good. I decided to be brave and stay in the room for the delivery. I was hanging back by the corner when the doctor looks up at me and says,
"Who are you?"
"Her sister" I replied.
"Come over here sister I need your help."
So then the doctor instructs me to hold up her leg and help push it back while the baby is crowning. So I went from the corner, to front row center.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

At 11:44am 6 pounds 3 ounces and 19 inches long made her way into this world.

Then dad got to hold her.

Then mom of course...

I think I teared up a bit at this point.


Proud Grandpa, or Zadie, or Ooh Daddy (We're not sure what name he's going to go with)

Is that G'Ma I see? Yes, it is.

Big sister getting ready for the transfer. Look at all of that hair!

I can see the sisterly bonding happening as we speak.

Another yawn, it's not easy being borned.

Oh my Mia. Let's get another look at that face.

I digress.

Happy Birthday Mia! Your Fairy Godmother loves you!

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