11 August 2009

What I {Baked} Today

Feast your eyes on the delectable treats I baked today!

. . .

What's that you say?

There are no pictures!?

Gee, what happened?

OH yeah I remember...

On Monday, I went to visit my baby. And by my baby, I mean my sister's baby. I asked my faux brother, Jason, if he would be kind enough to let me use is fancy schmancy paparazzi camera. Much to my delight he replied, yes! So when I got it in my head that I wanted to bake some cookies, I thought golly this would be a great time to bust out the paparazzi camera!

I knew he would have a coronary if he found out I was using his camera while baking with sticky flouriness all over my fingers, so I waited until I was completely finished. I had a mini photo shoot with my cookies; playing with the aperture and such (I sound like I know what I'm talking about right?). It was great.

When all was said and done and my creations were nicely tucked away, I thought to myself, BLOG ON!

I hurried upstairs to my laptop. I took out the memory card and pluged it in. And then...


Hmm I thought, this is a pretty crappy computer, let me go try it on the desktop.

So I trot over, wait 10 minutes for the damn thing to warm up and...


Well I'd better give my faux brother a call.

Jason: Wassup
Me: So, I pluged the card thing into the reader thing and into my laptop and it didn't do anything.
Jason: oh.
Me: Yeah, I tried it on the desktop too and it didn't work either.
Jason: Yeah I thought it was just my computer, but I guess it's not gonna work.
Me: So does that mean my beautiful pictures are trapped in there!?
Jason: uh...yeah.


So for now, stay tuned...

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