08 August 2009

What I {Wished} Today

Before I begin, I would like to start by thanking the boredom gods for digital cameras and computers. In that same breath, I would also like to blame them for what you may or may not read below...

It all started today as I was messing with my crappy camera. I looked to my left and saw this plastic horse staring at me. I wished it would come to life like the Indian In The Cupboard and trot across the table.

Then I started thinking about all the random crap my dad has tucked around the house. I wish that they won't be my responsibility to find something to with later in life.

I wish that one of the Babe Ruth figurines wont come kill me in my sleep.

I wish that Number 1 was nicer to Number 2.

Look at you Number 1, such a ham.

I wish I were a turtle.

I didn't even tell them to pose like this, they just did it.

Is that you Number 2? No really, I have no idea which one you are...I wish I could tell them apart.

I wish when I painted this I had a thinner brush, or hadn't been on speed when I did it.

I wish I made this.

I wish the dark circles under my eyes would go away. It's been 23 years, still waiting...

I wish this fan was stronger.

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