02 August 2009

What I {Organized} Today

My room was a disaster. My room is ALWAYS a disaster. But today it was getting to me enough that I decided to do something about it. So I spent 4 hours of my day today cleaning it. It looks great! For now...It won't be long until it looks like a tornado ripped through, but for now at least I look like one of those people that are really clean and organized. I envy those people. I try my best but it never sticks. I love to buy the organizing supplies more than anything. I can't count the number of pocket calendars I have purchased but I just never seem to keep up with them. Today I purchased the As Seen On TV "Shoes Under"; it isn't as structurally sound as the one in the infomercial, but I believe it will do the trick. My shoes are indeed under my bed.

I also purchased some new sheets. Yes, I know those aren't really for organizing, but I got crisp clean white ones. I adore white sheets. They remind me of being in a hotel (the happiest places on earth). I also adore hotels. So tonight when I crawl into my fresh crisp new white sheets I will, if only just for tonight, feel as though I am on vacation staying at a hotel. I will sleep better, look better, and smell better. When I wake up, I won't remember that I have to go to work so I will relax and luxuriate for the rest of the day. Well I can't do that, but at least I'll smell better.

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