11 October 2009

What I {Ate Several Days Before} Today


My friend Cody burned me pretty bad a few months ago.  He had been doing some crazy job in the middle of no where Colorado and had returned home to Atlanta. He asked me if I wanted to hang out. "Of course!" I said.  The dates when I knew he would be in town had arrived.  I picked up my cell phone and called his number.  No answer.  So I left a voicemail.  No return phone call. Burn.

A few months and a lame apology later Cody invited me to be his guest of honor at the Great Atlanta Chili Cook-Off.  I accepted.


There were lots of um..."colorful" people.

Lots of um... "colorful" displays

Of course pirates were there?

I was approached by this particular pirate shortly after this photo was taken.  We clinked our beers together and he advised me that I was a "lovely wench".  Best compliment I got all day...or ever for that matter...

Oh yeah, and there was chili.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Never wear a white shirt to a chili cook-off.  I was totally asking for this stain.

Cody's um... "lovely" cut-off shorts were the casualty of his outfit. Thank goodness it wasn't his shirt.  Yes, that's a Travis Tritt T-Shirt.  No, you can't have it.  I already asked.

All the chili tastings came in little plastic shot glasses.  Which is a really intense way to eat chili.

And then...

It rained.

Luckily I had this um..."lovely" green poncho.

But when this started happening, we called it quits.

In spite of the rain and the bad (really bad) Beatles cover band, I can see my attendance at this event in the future.

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  1. i'm glad to see that cody finally told somebody that he's still alive.


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