19 March 2010

What I {Soaked Up} Today

Today I was able to soak up some rays!

Today has been a b-e-a-utiful day!
Today is also the birthday of my mommy dearest!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!

I adore spring.

I say that about every season.

I always think the next season is the one I love the most but I get tired of it eventually.

But today I was in love.

In love with the sun.

In love with sunscreen.  More importantly the smell of sunscreen.

Putting the baby in springy clothes.

Watching the baby think with her toes.

Playing Frisbee with Trin

A rare spotting of the chu outside

 Making Mia test out one of my hats for spring.

My afternoon snack.
Sharing my afternoon snack.

Wearing yellow. 

Although in general I feel my skin tone doesn't lend itself towards yellow. But I like it so much I can't help myself.

My jade ring. 
 I got it at the Georgia Gem and Mineral Show.  You can get some new jewlery, increase your rock collection, and pick up a few fossils.  It's fun for the whole family!  Trust me, my family goes EVERY year.

Afternoon snack is done.  Time to head inside.

Happy Spring!

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