05 March 2010

What I {Became A Fan Of} Today

1. OK Go

Well I've been a fan since high school (Ha! I say that like it was a long time ago...is 6 years a long time ago?) One of my favorite bands, OK Go, has put out another one of their BRILLIANT music videos.  And then they had to go a step further and be even cooler by standing up to "the man".  My bestie, Olivia, is always on the look out for me and spotted this article which introduced me to the video.  So I'm going to be one of those "bloggers and other unsavory social-media types" that embeds their new video.

Love, love, love!

2. DIY

I was going to say Google, but you already know how obsessed I am with Googling.  So instead I'll tell you about what I googled.  So my bestie is also becoming a big girl and moving into her very own apartment.  I am suuuper jealous and of course quite proud of her.  So we were chatting about how she can decorate her new place and then she presented the idea of upcycling some of her old jeans into a braided rug for the bathroom. BRILLIANT! So I set to googling to figure out how she could do it.  This tutorial was discovered.  Which led me to this...

GORGEOUS! I think I'm going to try to felt something like this on a smaller scale. Then I found this! Which I think I'm going to attempt today.

Huge fan. Huge. huge, huge.

3. Fan-ing on Facebook

I've also previously mentioned my love of Facebook stalking.  But now I'm into this Fan business.  It's another way I can stalk my favorite bloggers. Also, it's an excellent way to shamelessly promote myself!  So if you haven't already done so, become a fan of racheldid!

I would also like to suggest you become a fan of my friend James Futch.  Isn't that just a wonderful name?  It suits him.  He has a fan page and a website.  I love his tagline, "When you work hard to do something right, you don't want to forget it!" So true James...so true.  He did my sister's wedding video and it was wonderful!

Look its a mini Michelle and Jason! Yikes and my scary arm...look away!

I also want to share with you my new Etsy friend Janice of Karmic Stone.  She makes beautiful stone carvings.  I love the one called Balance and Strength.  Actually I should have her as part of The Interview Series! Remember that idea?  Yeah it's been a while...so stay tuned!

4. Reuniting with old friends

In the past week or so I got together with three different friends for long over due reunions.  This means I went out three times.  This means I had to put pants on people!  I've actually had to put pants on a lot lately. I'm not so sure how I feel about it.

One of my reunions was with my longtime friend Jay. 

 isn't he a looker!?

We met as young teens while working at the most embarrassing job I think either of us will ever have.  He went to the Citadel which I think is crazy.  He was a German major which I think is awesome.  He now works as an apprentice at a special effects makeup shop which I think is crazy awesome.

His specialty is eyes.  They're made out of acrylic and the iris is handpainted.  Too cool.  He carries one around with him at all times.  Too creepy.   I offered to make him a crochetosaurus hat but he didn't seem too jazzed.  So I went home and started thinking about what I could make for him.  And then this happened...

I have no idea what he will do with this.


I have no idea what anyone would do with this.

But I thought it was fun.

And I hope he likes it.

What are YOU a fan of these days?


  1. I'm a fan of Donkey Kong today. What about Ikea (sp?)?

  2. so... when are we going to do this joint eastmeetswest blog? also, you are a much better blogger than me. so i apologize in advance if you still want to go for it.

    annnnnnd, i'm in love with that okgo video. i somehow forgot how brilliant they are. from a filming prospective i'm still trying to figure out how they filmed it all in one shot... fantremenstupenderful


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