09 March 2010

What I {Can't Wait To Eat The Leftovers Of} Today

So before we carved into my beautiful (I use that word loosely) cake, we ate an amazing birthday dinner.

Michelle butterflied the lobster tails.  Have you ever tried to butterfly lobster tails?  It didn't look fun.  But she did it!

Pioneer Woman is to blame for these.  They were so ridiculously good.  I'm getting fat just looking at them.  Thank goodness there's leftovers of these... I can't wait!

Grilled bison oh my!

We were all about the low calories...ha

fancy olive oil

With crusty bread dipped in...oh my

An assembled plate.

Oh man, I should have eaten before I started writing this...

There aren't any pictures of anyone eating the meal because we were too absorbed in the deliciousness to pick up the camera.  Trust me, each plate was cleared.

Then Jason was shooed out of the room so we could get the cake ready.  Cause it was a surprise and all.

The lights were lowered and the candles lit

surprise! He had no idea this was coming...
He's a good actor

Patiently waiting for the cake to be cut so that we may take part in a family tradition.

So my dad recently converted some old 35mm films from his youth into a dvd.  As were watching Baby Dad's birthdays each year we noticed that everyone took part in a weird ritual.  A ritual that made Baby Dad jump up and down with excitement (so it's gotta be good). But as time passed in the movie we saw the tradition disappear.  So we  brought it back...

And forced Jason to participate.  Even though he isn't an hwitty...he's married to one and lives with another.

The birthday boy (or girl) cuts the first piece.

With the cake carefully balanced, takes a bite.

Then everyone gets a bite!
I don't know what it means or why it's done.  It seems kinda gross. But it's really fun!

So for as much as I complained about making this cake, it actually turned out to be really tasty.

Jason said it was the closest he's had to the cake he remembers.  He may have just been saying that to be nice...

but he did eat two pieces.

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