17 March 2010

What I {Can't Get On Board With} Today

I cannot, CANNOT understand these "shoes"

Yes the quotes are necessary...

It's like a glorified toe sock!

Maybe MAYBE  in an outdoorsy athletic setting but not as everyday footwear.

UNacceptable! UNattractive! UN its doesn't matter! My point is that I don't care how comfortable these things are I just can't do it.

And to make things worse...my bestie not only has a pair...she ADORES her pair. She sent me this pic today...

Why Olivia? Whhhhhhhyyyy?


Just looking at them leaves me bewildered and confused.

You wouldn't think I'd be okay with it, but I'm totally ok with saying fro yo.  I agree it sounds obnoxious but I like saying it.  So let's go get some fro yo after work mkay?

I still cannot get over last week's American Idol eliminations.  Sure the guy had a mullet, but his voice was so cool! And yeah her hair was white but she was so interesting!  America got it WRONG! 

I'm kind of having a hard time getting board with American Idol in general this season.  But I am on board with the new addition to the bracket.  Oh did I mention we do a bracket for Idol?  A bracket like people do for the basketball thing.

Yes, we take it that seriously. 
No, I'm not embarrassed.

Each week the participants (Michelle, Jason, and myself) pick the contestant we think will go home that week.  If you guess it right you get points.  There's no prize per say.  But the bragging rights are worth it.  However, I've never won the bracket.  It's because I vote with my heart.  Not like American teens.

SO, the new addition to the bracket is that we each have to pick who we think is going to win the whole thing. Our vote is secretly written down and then sealed in an envelope until the night of the finale. If one of us guesses it right that person gets a TON of points and basically sweeps the whole thing.  Like catching the snitch in quiddich.

Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference.
No, I'm not embarrassed.

I could not get on board with my previous "studio" situation.  So for the past week or so I have been trying to fix that.
This is what I was working with before...

FlickrDroid Upload

And here is what I have now...

aaaaaaaaah that's better.  

Well yeah I know its kind of a mess.  I'm still working on it!  Give it time.

I still haven't found proper storage for my wares.

I did however find some good storage for my embellishments and such.
This purchase was pretty exciting.

all my roving in one place!

A place for fabric and tulle for yo-yo makin (more on yo-yos momentarily)

Oh and remember when I talked about making this?

Well I made it and it's now used to store my yarn balls.  Here is some yarn before they become yarn balls.
I used to not be on board with yarn balls.  I was like why take the time?  Then I got an insanely tangled mess once and I vowed never to not yarn ball again! 

[SIDE NOTE: I have to give my rents a shout out for getting me the yarn picture above.  My dad is the king of thrift stores and scored the pink and two white skeins for 60 cents total!]

Speaking of parents...I am TOTALLY on board for my mom coming to visit Mia so that I can get some work done.  But of course I got distracted by the cuteness and had to take some pics. 

Uncle J came over too.
This baby so sassy

I like to think this is her hiding from the paparazzi shot.
Awww look at the G'ma love!

So I've been hard at work in my new "studio" getting stuff ready for spring.  Here's some of what I got...
More flutterbands

And now some flutterbands with a twist...
Now that I know how to sew sequins I've decided I want to put them on everything I own.  I started with this skirt I have...it's going to take FOREVER. 

A flutterband in the round

As I mentioned before I'm really into making these things called yo-yos.  I have no idea why it's called a yo-yo, but I like em.

Before placing them on the headband I've been giving the yo-yo a tulle tutu.

They're so girly. Loves it!

I could so see this on a little girl to match her Easter dress.

So when experimenting with different sized yo-yos I accidentally made this giant one that could never fit on a normal human's head.  So I put a smaller one on top and made it a pin! I like it so much I might keep it for myself.

I could totally see this on some bridesmaids, or even a bride if it were ivory! I can make them in any color too (hint hint Danielle...I'm just sayin...)

Next one I make I think I'm gonna throw some tulle petals in for good measure.

So this hasn't really turned out to be things I'm not on board with.  But you wouldn't really want to listen to me complain the whole time now would you?

Post Script - In case you were wondering these aren't on the Etsy yet...the baby was really fussy today so I couldn't get much done but they will be on there soon!  Or you could go there now and check out what I have...


  1. I 100% agree about those shoes!

    And your headbands are delightful.


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