11 February 2010

What I {Started} Today

My biz-nass!

I'm sorry I'll never do that again.

But really, my Etsy site is up and running! Yaaaayyyy!

Do you know any babies?

Want to put things on their head?

Do you have a head of your own?

Want to put a headband on it?


Well then please check out racheldid!

Who made that?

Rachel did.

Get it???

I'm going to make other stuff as well I just haven't been able to get them up there yet.

Oh and become a fan on FB!

Please and Thank You.
P dot S dot Can anyone make a banner and logo for my page for me?? My faux bro was supposed to be working on it...I won't hold my breath! I can't pay you much. I'd prefer to pay you nothing...just let me know!


  1. i like. do you take korean money?

  2. I take PayPal! So you can work out your foreign-ness with them.


What you {blank}


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