20 January 2010

What I {Tried} Today

I tried to figure out what to do with my flowers.

A Dozen Felted Flowers

I got nothing.

I need more supplies but I'm broke so that will just have to wait.

The baby tried to stay clean, but failed. So I tried to get her changed.  And then this happened...

Doesn't her head look gigantic?

Yes, I tried to use my faux bro's camera again.


No, I still I have no idea what I'm doing.

And yet, these aren't the blurriest ones I took...

 That is the blurriest one I took.

Ok, let's put a shirt on this kid already.

Gee, I wonder who decorated this one?

Mia's new favorite thing is to try to roll over while getting changed.
It can get a little awkward.


Walls get in the way.


But she usually figures it out.

Baby leggings = Best invention ever. 

Oh man baby diaper butt. These are the things I talk about these days...yikes.
I think I'll try to get a life tomorrow.

Then I decided to try to make some cookies.

FlickrDroid Upload

I also tried to look cool in my apron...

FlickrDroid Upload

Not so sure about that one.

But the cookies were a success!

FlickrDroid Upload

Ok, one more of the baby...

This is how she sleeps.
It's ok to die a little.
I don't blame you.
Let's blame her.

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  1. quite possibly the cutest baby I have ever seen... yes, even cuter then my own. shhhhh... don't tell.


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