24 February 2010

What I {Watched} Today

As I mentioned previously, Mia is learning to crawl!

Today I watched her do the worm all over the living room.  I caught some of it on video.

My phone can only take video 1 minute at a time.  So there are 3 videos.  

I'm sorry.

I speak in all 3 videos so you have to listen to my obnoxiously high voice. 

Again, I'm sorry.

It's not perfect nor is it the classic definition of a crawl, but she really gets where she wants to and she moves pretty fast.  My day will never be the same.

Post Script - Have you noticed the new feature I added?  Just below each post there's a section for "reactions".  Since no one likes to leave comments except Mags (thanks Mags), I figured I'd make it easier for you.  You can anonymously check off a reaction.  Although I do know that SOMEONE has figured out this feature as they labeled one of my posts as "lame".  So thanks for that.  I don't need/want comments all the time but when I ask you a question I want answers! 


Why do you suppose monkeys and other animals develop  so much faster physically than humans and humans develop so much faster intellectually?


  1. you didn't develop any faster than a monkey.

    dan says it's god.


  2. Is Dan a religious man? Like Noah?

  3. my mom said so a lion won't it. but that's also why the lion develops faster than you.

    i say ...pizza rolls. i just really want some right now. also, you're welcome.

  4. Man your English has gotten really bad. What has Korea done to you??? Oh and I ate some pizza rolls the other day. They were awesome.


What you {blank}


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