14 February 2010

What I {Love} Today

My parents.
so lacey. 
so 70s. 
so lovely.

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20 January 1974
I'm the same age as my dad is in this photo. Creepy.

My siblings.

Yes, even the faux ones.

These Valentine's.

They make me kind of anxious.  I think that's why I love them.



The Olympics.

American Idol.
My boss.

My friends.


My red shoes.

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My hobby.

My bestie.

This lotion.  Seriously it smells that good. 

The cookies I baked.
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My heart socks.

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Getting flowers from a boy.  Well, one boy in particular...

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My life.

and of course...you.

Happy Valentine's Day Darling!

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  1. happy valentine's day to YOU too.... darling. :)


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