25 October 2010

What I {Threw Together} Today

Here's a list of um random.

I made a birthday card.

Yes, that's a Snuggie.

No, I have no idea how to draw a soccer ball.

I sewed Mia's costume with help from this and this.


I have more to show you about this later.  We're going to wine country again this year so I'll have plenty of pics to share.

I want to read this book.

But I still have all these books to start.

I carved my pumpkin. 

FlickrDroid Upload

FlickrDroid Upload

Not as classy as last year but equally fun. (holy crap look how small Mia is!)

Michelle found something called a ghost pumpkin the innards are melon colored. Tres cool.

FlickrDroid Upload

I have an art crush on Helmut Smits.

I want to try to bake my own bread, any recipes or tips?

I really love cutting things with my new pinking shears.

One time Michelle and I cleaned the entire kitchen floor with wet wipes.

I'm going to make some friendship bracelet and/or necklace type things.  If your lucky I might make you one too...maybe.

I'm seriously craving a vanilla latte.  

And some new boots.

And scarf wearin time.

Oooh and I want a pom pom maker! 

Seriously, where's my latte?

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