06 October 2010

What I {Have For You} Today

Sigh...its been a harsh summer.  Hopefully we'll get an extra long fall to make up for it. Mia has a new found love for playing outdoors.  She picked a lovely day to do it. 

Well there was this cloud...

But we told it to scram!

That's better.

I might a little generous when I say she likes to "play" outside.  Really all she does is walk in circles and yell at the dogs.

And then she'll squat...

Apparently this isn't unusual.  Babies love to squat.

This playtime made it abundantly clear that Mia needs to get her bangs trimmed.  

Poor kid has to do the Justin Bieber hair flip.

Did I ever tell you I had a moment with Justin Bieber? I did.  It was magic, we totally made FULL ON eye contact. My tummy gets dizzy just thinking about it...

In addition to wandering in circles Mia also attempts throwing her ball

I just love this pic for some reason.

When she's not yelling at the dogs she'll try to throw the frisbee.

She's also crazy fearless about putting her hand in Trin's mouth.  It freaks me out every time but it makes Mia giggles like crazy.

Then I was a super mean FGM and {gasp} put a hood on the baby!

She hates hoods.  Can you tell?


Proof of my existence.

And now it's time for "Holy Crap That's A Lot Of Freckles!"

They came on strong this year.

Sometimes I forget I have them.

And then I see these. 

YIKES!  Although I can't imagine what it would be like to not have them. 

And now as promised, I have some pictures of my beautiful new niece! 

Vivian Aliza Laum
7lb 2oz

Snuggling with mom...

Resting from the trauma of birth...

Looking confused...

And gettin some love...

Oh how I love babies!

And because I'm so full of love...

And I got a 95 on my paper proposal...

And it's FINALLY getting cooler...

I'd like to give you a gift!

The gift of scarf or hat! 

You choose! 

Please leave a comment and you may be randomly selected to receive a lovely handmade hat or scarf.  Your chances of winning are really good since only about 6 people read this and I think that number may be skewed by me reloading the page all the time.  

Winner will be chosen on FRIDAY.

So get commenting!


  1. AHHH! I love the pictures of Mia. And hello? VIVIAN IS GORGEOUS!! I'm jealous of all your chillins! For realsies.

  2. i love the picture of mia squatting. so precious!

  3. I demand mittens

  4. Correction! Vivi was 7.2 pounds! I heart the babies!

  5. ooooh! i'd love a hat with buttons!
    I love mia yelling at the dog! so cute.

  6. Congrats on becoming a FGM again! :) We still love the hat you made for my daughter this Spring!
    And Evalyn would agree, babies don't like hoods. But half the fun is watching them try to take them down :)


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