01 January 2010

What I {Recovered From} Today

Happy New Year Friends!

The party started off slow

Mia was getting tired of just hangin out.

So to get the party started we brought out the booze.

And the food.

These delightful little things are crab puffs.

And there was "Crack Dip"
The photo may not do this stuff justice.  This stuff is ridiculous.

I enjoyed it... a lot.

Jason liked it too

Then things started to get a little out of control...


This baby is out of control.

Why so nervous Mia?

This happened a few times... until it was empty... and we opened another one...

Then I took the camera.  No one was safe.

Here's Michelle in the first moments of the new decade.

Jason looks excited.

Michelle and Jan (pronounced yawn) shared this special moment together

But then

They tried to get fancy

It was a struggle.

The tequilla hit me pretty hard by the time it was Gary's turn...sorry Gary

So 2009 is over.

Are you ready for 2010?

Are you going to say 'Two Thousand and Ten'?

Or are you bold enough to say 'Twenty Ten'?

I'm bold.

Let's hope this year will be a good one!

I think the last one was pretty good.  After all, the world got this...

Happy New Year!


What you {blank}


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