13 September 2009

What I {Visited} Today

Like many of my fellow humans I am a creature of habit. There are certain things I do everyday. Some cause I have to, others cause I want to. I have thanked them before and I will thank them again...the boredom gods brought me the computer and Al Gore gave me the Internet.

Part of many, if not most people's routine is to go to a habitual list of websites. Some like to call these favorites. Well here is where I visit in no particular order...

  1. Gmail - I have a phone that sends me my email automatically but for some reason I still go to the website to look at them. Most of the emails I get are crap but occasionally there's a gem in there. Also Gmail has a wonderful feature called G-Chat. I apparently got on there last night and chatted, well I should say tried to chat with some poor souls while slightly under the influence of a liquid called tequila. So if you got a random message from me...my apologies.
  2. Ajc - I frequent here for the local Atlanta news and national stuff as well. Well that's what I'd like to think I'm going there for. But really, its for the "Find Five Challenge" They put two pictures side-by-side. The one on the left is the original, the one on the right is altered. I have to hit the 'Play Again?' button a zillion times but I eventually find all five. It's addicting.
  3. The Budget Babe - The writer and I share a love of Target.
  4. The Pioneer Woman - I started going to her site for the recipes but now I read all sections. I love love love her photography.
  5. Facebook - I go through phases with Facebook. Sometimes I hate it, and then sometimes I love it. Well I'm in a love phase currently. Its a delightful way to stalk people...and I mean that in the least creepy way possible.
  6. Myspace - Yes, I have a creepy Myspace page. But the only reason I frequent it is to listen to music. When I'm too cheap slash lazy to buy the new song I want to listen to on repeat, I go to Myspace and listen for free.
  7. Twitter - baaah baaah baaaah. I am a sheep. I avoided it for the longest time but I got on and I don't care who knows it! Besides I know you've been dying to know "what I {blank} as I {blank} it."
  8. Google - A day does not go by that I am not googling something. I could write an entire post dedicated to my love of googling. I love that google has become a verb. When a question arises I am the first to shout, "let's Google it!" When I'm alone and confused I make a mental note, "Google that later." Sometimes its just not convenient to google. Sometimes google is not available. Sometimes I forget what I wanted to know. So now I have gotten into the habit of writing things down so that I can google them later. I sit down with little scraps, napkins, receipts, my hand. All have random words, things, places, etc that I wanted to google but couldn't at the time. Sometimes I forget why I wanted to google it in the first place. Which brings me to another love, the suggestions from google. Half the time it's right, the other half it's incredibly wrong but sometimes those are more interesting than what I was looking up to begin with! I love how it sometimes words my question in a way I never thought to put it. I love that someone else out there has googled what I am googling; I feel a little more connected to this crazy mixed up world. At the same time, I feel a little less original because enough people have googled the same thing that the computer already knows what my un-orignal self was thinking about...
  9. Stumble Upon - It's not so much of a website as it's a sort of engine you install on your browser. I am addicted. You tell it what you are interested in and it brings up random pages from the interwebs according to your interests. Most are suggested or "discovered" by other stumblers. I can't even fully describe how awesome it is. Just go ahead and sign up. A word of caution though, stumbling is incredibly time consuming. So if you need to get things done, resist that little button with all your might.
  10. What I {blank} Today - Yes, this is shameless self promotion. I'm glad you are reading. I check to see if anyone comments but no one ever does...hint, hint, hint...well Magan does. So shout out to Magan! Read her blog too, she's half Korean. I don't know why that's relevant but I said it, so deal.


  1. btdubs I got the photo by googling, "al gore internet"

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Got your FB email! And I've read your essays but haven't commented. Keep it up! I like reading them.

    Yes, let's definitely hang out/escape in a couple of weeks, rag on some people.

    see you in the funny papers


  3. whoo! shout out! being half-korean is usually relevant to everything.
    1) i google images more than regular things, but that usually takes up a lot of my time already. i'm just a visual person.
    2) you've been added to the wall of love. it was awhile ago, but i kept forgetting to tell you.
    3) what i {blank} today is bookmarked
    4) that find five challenge thing was my JOB in la... just saying, you could go to la and get paid to do that all day long.
    5) i just invited you to gchat. ACCEPT.

    that is all.


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