10 December 2010

What I {Am Not So Keen On} Today

1. I had to pick a booger out of a nose that wasn't mine.

2. PBS is asking for donations.  Yes, I would love for people to donate but there is no need to interrupt the show every 10 minutes! Mia gets antsy which makes me antsy.  Not ok.

3. Winter is really here.  So is the static.  I hate static.

4. It's also cold and I'm thinking about complaining about it. Thank goodness for this stuff!  But then again, its not as cold as THIS is going to be.

5. I haven't started packing, but my carry-on is already full.  None of it is my stuff.  But then again, a lot of it is for this...



6.  I haven't worn earrings in a while and now I am and I have that itchy feeling.  Don't you hate that?

7. I have pretty much stopped working on racheldid.  It was easy to do when all I did was change and feed a sleeping baby, but Mia is a lot more annoying now... I mean active!  That and school and work, I just don't have the time to crochet anymore.  Sad face.  This doesn't mean I'll never get back into it.  Just taking a hiatus for now.  {If you ever really want/need me to make something don't hesitate to email me. I'll see if I can pencil you in :) }

8.  I have pretty much plateaued on my diet.  I can only blame myself though cause I never started that 30-Day Shred commitment...

9.  I'm tired of complaining

Ok I'm done!

Did you hear? It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I really REALLY want to bake some cookies.

I really REALLY want a christmas tree to make ornaments for.

Ok I think I have a number 10...Oh to be a jew that loves Christmas...

I think I'll go watch Love Actually and pretend my South Beach meal bar is actually a sugar cookie.

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