08 July 2011

What I {Picked} Today


Today is Michelle's birthday (yay Michelle!) and we decided to take a trip out to Berry Patch Farms to pick some ripe little blueberries (which also happen to be Mia's fave fruit so it was a win win for everyone).

Had to fuel up with some bfast first

Yes, it is as hot as it looks.  That sheen is a sweat/sunscreen combo.

Aaaaand she's off! Let the picking begin!

This is what a non-ripe blue berry looks like

Mia looks hungry

And this is what ripe looks like

The charming videographer James was there to document our every move of course

Cool retro scale

Though it didn't seem like much, we collected a pound and a half!

Then Mia got to taste the fruits of our labors!

Hahaha c'mon you know I had to go for that one.
So obvious.

It was a time of mixed emotions.

But most of them were happy!  And ridiculously HOT.  We quickly escaped back to the AC and haven't really budged since...

And I know you're asking yourself, "Where's the video???"

Well, here it is my friends.  


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