22 April 2010

What I {Thought You Might Want To See} Today

I promise I talk about other things besides Mia.

It's just that we spend a lot of time together.

Probably too much...

Mia has been starring in a series of videos.  

"A day in the life of" kind of thing.

I suppose you get to see what my day is like as well!

In the most recent one you get to see me work on the poles I found for the craft show display.

Speaking of craft show display... The craft show is THIS WEEKEND!

I'm a little overwhelmed by how much stuff I had to make.  

I feel like a robot.
And as Mia's book tells me, "R is for robot who walks, talks, and beeps"

Well beep, beep, beep.

Hopefully it all goes well. 

Hopefully you will be there!

So anyways back to the videos...


Post Script: I should mention of course that James Futch is the creator of these videos.  He is now offering "A day in the life of" videos as a service.  So if you have a baby or know a baby he could make a video for you too!

1 comment:

  1. three things:
    1) i was very impressed with the shot selection, soundtrack and editing skills of these videos, and was going to comment on how you possibly could have had time to do all this until i read the post script. but i'm still impressed, just not at you anymore.
    2) was the song in the last video by owl city? just a hunch, i had never heard it before.
    3) i feel like your job really allows you to blossom creatively and i'm very jealous, since we're basically doing the same thing. you're teaching mia english, right?

    3a) take many pictures of your booth! i wish i could come buy things from it!


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